How To Avoid Frozen Pipes This Year

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Frozen Pipes in Illinois or NW IndianaWinterize your plumbing before the temperatures drop below freezing this year. Preparing the plumbing system for freezing weather is something every homeowner and tenant should do if they expect to have access to water at all times. Getting stuck with frozen pipes in Illinois or Northwest Indiana is something to avoid.

Unfortunately, the pipes and outdoor fixtures are last on our list of things we think about during fall. Our minds are filled with tasks, family, and getting our homes ready for the holidays.

Part of our time should be spent on winterizing the plumbing. If left ignored, the outdoor faucets and pipes located in exposed places can freeze during cold weather. Cracks and breaks will cause them to leak and possibly flood the home. And worst of all, the household will be left without any water if the pipes freeze.

You have the choice to do it yourself or to call a local plumber like us to do it for you. There are several ways for you to winterize your pipes and keep them from freezing when it gets cold…

Yes, Do Wrap Water Heaters In The Garage Or Basement

If your home’s water heater is located right next to an exterior wall or in the garage, you need to wrap the plumbing pipes that lead to and from the tank. While the tank is alright, you could wrap the tank with insulation as well to save on the energy bill. If the tank is installed in an outside storage closet, be sure you insulate everything completely.

Outdoor Plumbing & Faucets

Anything exposed underneath the house or along the outside walls should be wrapped with insulation. This includes the irrigation system, outdoor faucets, pipes, pool pumps, and water well pipes and components.

For outdoor faucets, you can purchase a kit to cover them for winter protection. Shut off the water at the faucet and remove the hose. Store the hose in the garage after draining the water from it. Then install the kit over the faucet by slipping the ring around the bottom of the faucet and placing the cover over it. Pull the end of the ring string tight. The cover is made of Styrofoam and has an air pocket inside. It is very effective.

Properly Wrapping Your Pipes

No matter how you do it, you need to cover any exposed pipes on your property and make sure the insulation is sealed. Covering and insulating materials can be purchased so you can wrap your pipes and faucets. Or you can be sure they are insulated against the cold by calling a plumber to do it for you.

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