Why Would I Want Trenchless Plumbing Line Replacements in Will County?

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will-county-trenchless-sewer-line-replacementsIf you’ve heard of trenchless plumbing repairs, you may not be aware of what this means when it comes to making repairs for your home’s plumbing sewer line system.

At Reid & Pederson Drainage, our Will County plumbers have spent the last 30 years in the plumbing industry making repairs and giving our customers expert drain cleaning services. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, but not as much as in the last few decades.

New technology advances all manner of tools and equipment for differing industries over the years, and the plumbing industry has seen it’s share of tools and equipment which improve our work by making plumbing repairs easier and more efficient for our customers.

An easier and faster way to make repairs means you pay less in labor costs and have less destruction to your landscaping, especially with the trenchless or “no dig” sewer line or drain line repairs and replacements.

Here are a few of the common questions we frequently get from our customers about Will County trenchless plumbing repairs.

Q: Are trenchless plumbing repairs a good idea?

A: For many applications, the trenchless plumbing line repair technique is going to save you a lot in labor costs and plumbing line repairs. The answer to this question is simple, absolutely!

Q: What’s the difference between trenchless repairs or replacements and traditional?

A: Not that long ago, the only way to find and repair your wastewater or sewer lines in your home was by making a VERY educated guess of where the problems lie along the line and dig until it’s found. The more experienced plumbers can always have a better shot at finding the location of the problems, but even so it requires hours of digging around or digging through your foundation concrete to get to the location that needs repair. Today, there’s no need to dig and no need to remove the sewer lines. Instead, they can be replaced or repaired while in place.

Q: How do trenchless sewer line replacements work or what should I expect?

A: First, the problem needs to be found, so we’ll use another piece of high tech equipment to find them. If the pipes need to be replaced or a section is damaged and needs repair, we dig a hole next to the problem area and run a flexible pipe through the old pipe, expand it, and harden it to make the new pipe. Once it’s connected to the remaining line, we fill the hole and the work is done!

Q: Is trenchless line replacement more expensive than regular plumbing line replacements?

A: No, it less because you’re not paying for expensive labor costs that you would otherwise have to be responsible for. It actually could cost you thousands less than if we had to dig to locate and make the replacement.

With advanced technologies, your plumbing system is in great hands at Reid & Pederson Drainage. We have all we need to make short order of your plumbing repairs, plus we strive to give you expert hydro-jetting, drain cleaning, sewer lining, hydro-excavating, air duct lining, cleanouts, video camera inspections, and so much more!


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