Drain & Sewer Case Studies

Hazelcrest, IL

Reid & Pederson was asked to take a look at an 8” sewer line for the village.  This was a city sewer line that happened to be running through the backyards.  There was a bad spot identified where there was missing pipe and a cavern where the pipe used to be.  The village did not want to dig to make a repair, because the location of this bad spot happened to be twenty feet deep and under a homeowners shed.

Reid & Pederson used their spot repair system to pull place a fiberglass re-enforced liner.  This approach allowed for the line to be repaired without the need for digging in the homeowners’ backyard or removing their shed.

Area B Co-operative Townhomes, Park Forest, IL

Area B Co-Operative Townhomes were built shortly after WWII.  Originally intended as temporary housing for returning veterans, the houses are still standing and are occupied by thousands of residents 50 years later.  With over 400 units on the property, they frequently experience sewer back-ups.  As with any sewer problems not only were these back-ups an inconvenience, but they could also be a health hazard.  Digging to make a conventional repair was possible, but due to the configuration of the units and property it was not only difficult, but also very dangerous.  Each and every sewer ran out the back side of the unit at least 8ft under a concrete porch.   To make matters worse all the utilities (gas, electric, telephone and cable) were in the same area.

Reid & Pederson was contracted by Area B’s management group to line their sewer systems without digging in these dangerous areas.  Reid & Pederson conducted a 4 year project in which they lined each and every lateral sewer (from the unit out to the main) and also each of their main sewer lines (manhole to manhole).  After completion of the project, their sewer problems were gone.  They no longer had the need for periodic sewer cleaning, and their after hour service calls due to sewer problems disappeared.

McDonalds Restaurant

An Illinois McDonalds restaurant was experiencing a problem with one of their sewer lines.  This problem was causing frequent backups within the restaurant.  After careful inspection, it was determined that the cast iron pipe in the floor was severely deteriorated.  McDonalds originally looked into digging the pipe up and replacing it, however the pipe ran under one of their main soda dispensing machines.  McDonalds received a price of over $20k from the soda vendor for them to temporarily remove and replace the soda machine.  Repairing the pipe in this manner would also mean that the store would need to be closed during this restoration.

Reid & Pederson was able to install a new liner in the sewer from an existing clean out rehabilitating the pipe under the floor and soda machine without any digging.  This approach saved the restaurant thousands of dollars and with no additional loss of revenue due to down time.

Thornton Fractional North High School, Calumet City, IL

Thornton Fractional High School was experiencing water loss in an aging pool.  It was thought that some of this loss was due to a deteriorating 6” main drain located in the deep end of the pool leading to the pump room.  Reid & Pederson televised the line and confirmed that the pipe was severely scaled and showed signs of severe deterioration.

Reid & Pederson thoroughly cleaned the pipe using a high pressure water jetter, and then measured the pipe for the correct size.  On the day of installation, Reid & Pederson installed a liner from the main drain back into the pump room.  A chemical resistant epoxy was used in order to better withstand the harsh chlorine and other chemicals in the pool water.  The job was completed in just over 6 hours after Reid & Pederson arrived on site with no need for breaking up any concrete in the pool or the pump area.

City of Harvard, IL

The city of Harvard, IL had a lift station on a section of their main sewer line in which they were experiencing a problem in keeping their pump primed.  (A lift station is basically a manhole in which waste water enters and is collected.  When the level reaches a certain height, a pumped is used to pump the water out to a pipe at a higher level).   They determined that the pipe in which the pump was connected to had a crack which was causing the pump to loose it’s prime.  The pipe ran underground in the intersection of a street which also had several electrical utility lines in the area.

Reid & Pederson was contracted to address this problem.  It was determined that a pull-in-place method would work the best in this situation.  A fiberglass liner was pulled in place from one manhole to the next.  Once in place, the liner was steam cured and service restored back to the city within 4 hours after Reid & Pederson arrived on site.

Crete Residential Sewer Smell Problem

Reid & Pederson received a call from a homeowner in Crete who had been complaining about a sewer smell in their basement.  The homeowner had already had several different contractors look at the problem.  It was determined that the sewer had misaligned and leaking joints.  These joints were allowing sewer water to leak out of the sewer and seep back into the sump pit in the basement by way of the drain tile around the house.  The homeowner had received several quotes from different contractors to fix this problem, and they all involved open trenching the sewer in order to replace it.  This would have involved breaking the concrete sidewalk alongside the house, digging down to expose the sewer line and replacing the old sewer.  Once the sewer was replaced the homeowner would have been faced with the additional cost of restoring the sidewalk back to normal.

By using our camera, Reid & Pederson was able to confirm the previous diagnosis, but came up with an alternative solution to the open trenching.  Reid & Pederson suggested installing a liner in the original sewer in order to seal the leaking joints.  The overall length of the sewer was approximately 100 ft, but the last 40ft of the sewer closer to the city main was in better condition and further away from the drain tile that surrounded the house.  It was agreed that lining 60 ft of the sewer would cover all the joints alongside the house and continue approximately twenty additional feet away from the house and drain tile.

Trenchless Innovation inserted the liner through the already existing clean out leading out of the basement foundation wall.  The new liner sealed all the joints preventing the water from leaking out of the sewer and into the drain tile.  The job was completed in one day, did not involve any digging or breaking up of any concrete and did not need any restoration work of any type.  The new sewer was ready for service that same day.

Crete Duct Cleaning Case Studies

Palos Park, IL - Townhouses
A heating contractor who serviced a townhome development in Palos Park, IL realized that several of the homeowners who owned units on the 1st floor were complaining about high amounts of dust coming out of the registers in the floor when either the heat or air conditioning was on. Reid & Pederson used their camera to televise all the air ducts from the register vents back to the area under the furnace. It was determined that metal ducts were deteriorating allowing the material around the pipe under the slab floor to enter into the pipe. When the fan on the furnace would turn on it would blow this dirt into the house. Several of the homeowners complained saying they were forced to dust several times a day.

Reid & Pederson used their Enviroliner product to spray line the existing air ducts and re-build the ducts from within.  The process was done over a two day period.  The homeowner was able to use their furnace immediately each day after Reid & Pederson left.  The result was a new pipe being formed on the inside of the old pipes.  All the holes where the dirt was entering into the ducts were sealed, and the homeowner immediately experienced a much lower amount of dust in the house.


Lincolnshire, IL - Reid & Pederson saves a realtor from losing a sale 
Reid & Pederson received a call from a realtor in the Northern IL area.  The realtor had a buyer for a house in Lincolnshire, IL, but the sale was in jeopardy, because the buyer learned that the under slab ducts were deteriorated and at times would have standing water in them.  The house which is pictured to the right had vaulted ceilings with no attic, so turning the heating system overhead would have meant major construction and would have altered the look of the interior.

Trenchless Innovation performed an inspection of the ducts and also of the property to access the reason for water in the vents.  Several things were found during the inspection of the property such as downspout and sump pump lines that dropped water directly against the house, leading to excess water being deposited against the house and thus causing water to enter into the ducts.  Steps were made to extend the downspout and sump pump discharge lines, moving the water away from the house.

Once the water problem was resolved, Reid & Pederson sprayed the interior of the underground ducts with their Enviroliner duct lining material.  The ducts were rehabilitated from the inside, eliminating the need for turning the system overhead or having to break up the floors in order to repair the deteriorating ducts.  With the new liner installed in the pipes, the sale of the house went through saving the realtor and the seller a loss of a sale.

Park Forest, IL Ducts need to be lined after new furnace is installed
Reid & Pederson received a call from a heating contractor who had recently installed a new furnace for a customer of theirs in Park Forest, IL.  After having the furnace installed, the homeowner complained that the new furnace seemed to run very loud.  The heating contractor diagnosed that the multi speed fan on the furnace was running on high because the homeowner had installed fabric over the register vents to prevent dust from blowing through the house.

Reid & Pederson was contacted by the heating contractor to help resolve the problem for the homeowner.  After a video inspection of the ductwork, it was determined that dirt was entering into the ducts from the joints that were not fully sealed.  Reid & Pederson spray lined the inside of the ducts with their Enviroliner product.  The Enviroliner product sealed off each of the joints preventing the dirt to enter into the ducts.  After the first application Reid & Pederson removed the fabric from each of the vent registers.  A total of two applications were applied to the ducts.  The homeowner was not only pleased to have a more quiet furnace, but they no longer had the dust problem in the house that they did before having the ducts lined.

Schaumburg, IL Homeowner contracts Reid & Pederson 
A homeowner in Schaumburg, IL contacted Reid & Pederson, because they were experiencing reduced airflow through a few of their vents in the slab floor.  Reid & Pederson performed a camera inspection of the ductwork and found the reason for the air loss was due to the ducts beginning to fall apart.  The ductwork in this case happened to be round cardboard duct tubes that had a metal foil like coating on the inside.  This foil coating was peeling away from the rest of the tube and was the cause for the reduced airflow.  In addition the cardboard tubes were connected together with metal couplings and metal elbows that were also beginning to show signs of rust and deterioration.

Reid & Pederson was able to remove the metal foil pieces that had fallen off the interior of the pipe.  Once the pipe was clean and airflow was restored to the system, Reid & Pederson spray lined the interior of the ducts with their Enviroliner material.  Spray lining the original cardboard ducts not only coated the interior of the pipes preventing any future peeling of the foil material, but it also restored structural integrity to the pipes and connectors.  The duct restoration took place with no digging or extensive construction and rehabilitation costs.

Park Forest, IL Allergies keep a homeowner from running their furnace
Reid & Pederson was contacted by a homeowner in Park Forest, IL who informed them that there was a musty smell coming from their heating system which was aggravating their children’s allergies.  The homeowner told them each time the furnace was turned on their daughters allergy symptoms seemed to increase causing her to sneeze and cough more.

Reid & Pederson performed an in depth video inspection of their heating system under the slab floor.  Their ducts appeared to be cardboard ducts with metal connections and elbows.  Although the ducts were still in tact and not collapsing, there was deterioration and moisture visible by the camera.  Reid & Pederson spray lined the ducts and the plenum (the distribution box under the furnace) with our Enviroliner lining product.  The liner coated the old cardboard ducts forming a new pipe inside the old pipes.  After lining the ducts the family noticed an immediate difference.  Their daughter no longer experienced the aggravated symptoms she had prior to the duct lining.


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